Get dry Drug and alcohol rehab
Get dry Drug and alcohol rehab

We have 5 residential rehab centres which deal with drug and alcohol addiction. They are very cost effective and we normally have a space or two at some of them.

Alcohol and drug addiction seems to be rife in our country at the moment. Our centres seem to fill up quickly. This maybe because the small amount of clients we have at one given time. Some of our centres have a maximum of 6 clients, where as others have 19 clients. Either way, if you are considering coming into one of our centres, it is always good to book sooner rather than later.

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We have a proven track record in providing:

  • Cost effective drug treatment and alcohol rehab treatment:
  • Accessible counselling and psychotherapy
  • Easy access to residential drug and alcohol rehab treatment and aftercare.
  • Evidence based rehab treatment.
  • Confidential services.

As a market leader we have developed a range of professional cognitive behavioural therapy treatment packages and training courses relevant to the social care and substance misuse sector.

Alcohol detox from alcohol

Cost effective Private Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

Get dry from alcohol. Our approach is simple. We provide professional, clear, honest advice. We will only offer services that are appropriate and tailored to you. our team help to ensure you receive the right drug and alcohol rehab addiction treatment to suit your needs. When choosing drug and alcohol rehab treatment for yourself, or for a loved one, it is important to be knowledgeable about the different  types of drug and alcohol rehab treatment and drug and alcohol rehab treatment clinics available. Our confidential professional approach is simple. We provide clear, honest and knowledgeable advice from people who understand.  Our team will only offer rehab  treatments, interventions. and services that are appropriate and tailored to your individual needs.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres – Get dry from alcohol

We put our skills, extensive experience and expansive knowledge into delivering quality experiential learning and development activities and education sessions.

ADUS Healthcare work with, and train, all areas of the community and workforce that come in to contact with people who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction or substance misuse and abuse.

Look at our latest statistics from our Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres

  • 85% Long Term Success
  • 83% in gainful employment or Educational Training
  • 80% Report significant or Restored Family Networks

We have pictures and details of our drug and alcohol rehab centres at www.AlcoholRehab.co.uk

For further help and advice, call our team now on Tel: 07811 606 606

Get Dry Alcohol Detox

Get dry today with an alcohol detox. You do not have to carry on with your addiction, and you maybe surprise on how easy it was to get off it. We offer a very cost effective alcohol residential detox programme or an alcohol home detox programme. And the best thing is, they work! Call our team now for help and advice.